The Therapeutic Value of Pottery


There is creativity in each one of us – creativity that helps us express as well as heal ourselves. Believe it or not, manipulating clay on the potter’s wheel can really help an individual express their creativity and discover themselves, especially in the company of a family and in an environment that is safe and loving.

As the wheel begins to spin, the wet clay lump sits on top the wheel, your hands start making a particular shape, your body then begins to align itself with the clay as well as the universal energy it holds. With no distractions, frustrations and worries at that moment, and all your attention focused on nothing but the clay, all that stress that the mind has accumulated begins to wash away.

Every line and indentation present on the clay has some history behind it – a personal history that was made by its creator. The more the clay keeps spinning, the more fine-tuned and relaxed the potter becomes. To an outsider, it might just seem like a magical process where the clay simply sucks away all that negative energy from the creator’s body.

Sounds magical? Well, it’s not quite that.

As a person gets into the attention-intensive task of working with clay on the pottery wheel, he/she connects with the act (in a way that is rarely possible in today’s multitasking world), making the whole process a healing and spiritual experience. With clay getting transformed to tangible objects in a very magical-looking manner, the maker experiences calming and soothing sensations flowing via the quartz-based clay. This begins a unique and natural healing process which can only be brought about by the simple-yet-powerful act of pottery.

Engaging in pottery has several therapeutic benefits, regardless of whether or not you are experienced in the art. It is one rare activity that every one of us can engage in, with no scope of being judged on the worked we do. Remember, in pottery there’s no such thing as wrong answers!

By expressing yourself through an art form, you can deal your emotional issues in a way like no other; artistic production will help you form your thoughts as you take part in an activity that is deliberate and thoughtful. It is due to this property that pottery can turn out to be a very effective part of therapy and treatment of mental illnesses and disorders.

Pottery, which incorporates both tactile sensation and physical movement with meditative practice to create objects that may either be decorative or utilitarian, helps you explore your own, often untapped and unexplored creative side, and attain mastery over your body psyche.

Believe it or not, creating pottery can in fact be a very pleasurable activity even for those who aren’t actually suffering from mental health problems. Stress is enough of a reason to prevent man from reaching his potential, and pottery helps them pay attention to and express themselves via a different medium. By learning a new skill, they can gain several things like more self-esteem, emotional regulation, as well as a sense of wholeness.

Working with clay helps any of us releases stress, shift our focus, and make a deeper connection with our inner selves. This is bound to – and does – have positive effects for all age groups, disabilities and even mental dysfunctions. Or even for those who are simply going through a lot in their lives.

With pottery, there’s no fear of failing; no scope of being judged. After all, art has no such thing as rights or wrongs. It’s simply creative expression.